About Don and Jacque


Jacque Nelson (born Jacqueline Boesch) is an inspirational speaker and author.  She has co-authored two books and numerous audio recordings with her husband Donald Nelson and has presented numerous national and international workshops on Living Without Edges with The Mary Group - A group of non-physical spirits beings who express themselves through Jacque. 


Jacque was born in Princeton, IL. In 1998 she married Donald Nelson, who was then working in the Printing Industry. Don was born in Chicago, IL, moving to Princeton in his high school years where he and Jacque first met and were friends. They eventually came back together many years later, sparking a romance that continues today. Prior to the the life transforming experience of The Mary Group arriving into Donald and Jacque’s life in March of 2000, Jacque worked extensively in the Non-profit sector for people with disabilities in various capacities such as Employment Specialist, Program Director and eventually a Human Resources Director. 

"We look forward to bringing Mary’s message to the world. The energy surrounding Mary is building and the excitement is growing.  We are all active participants in the “awakening time,” as Mary calls it. We are filled with gratitude and delight as we share with those of you who answer the invitation for the ultimate in self exploration."  -Don & Jacque

How it all began...


These wisdoms and Mary have been weaving their way into every aspect of our lives since March of 2000.  


Prior to that time Don and I were living pretty mainstream lives with Don having worked twenty years in the Printing Industry and I was a Human Resource Director for a mid size not for profit organization. While we both knew we wanted to step “out of the box” with our lives and our work, we had no idea, until the day that Mary began moving and speaking through me, that this would be our path.  


After receiving the suggestion from Robert Dubiel, intuitive counselor and metaphysical teacher, whom Donald had a conversation with back then, for he and I to sit together and meditate for five minutes a day, focusing on bringing through the guidance we were seeking, to help us know what we might do with our lives, Don and I began the process. Don had been meditating on and off since he was eleven. I had no self discipline for such things so five minutes seemed doable and non-threatening. I had no idea that those five minutes would completely change my life in every possible way.


As we sat for the meditation for the first time, I closed my eyes, asked my mind to quiet and began to feel the stillness of my body, feeling its weight against the surface I was laying on. Then, my face started to move about...on its own.  Wincing, contorting and stretching. While that seemed a bit odd, I just figured it was part of meditation. After mentioning the experience to Don after we were complete, I learned that, at least for him, this experience was not typical.  


The second time we sat to meditate, the same movement of my face began immediately, followed by a bit of flailing of my limbs and strong messages about kinesiology running through my head.  While admittedly this was a bit odd to experience and Don thought that perhaps I just could not be still for even five minutes for meditation, it all actually seemed quite natural and a bit fascinating to both of us. On the third day when we laid down to do it again, the movement in my physical body accelerated immediately with a strong message to sit up. At this point, I knew the message was not coming from me and instead it was coming through me. Being a bit stubborn and needing some confirmation that what was happening was really happening, I responded not by sitting my body up but by saying, “If you want to sit me up, you will have to do it yourself.” At this point, Don had been distracted from his meditation by all of the commotion and was sitting and staring at me. He describes what he saw to be like there was an invisible string attached to my chest pulling my body up from the mattress while my arms hung limp on either side of my torso. There were three or four attempts, with my body dropping back down to the mattress before I was finally in an upright seated position.  


Now, you might want to remember that while we were looking for something a bit different, this was WAY different and yet it all truly seemed so natural. It was as if when they came through, they gave us an instantaneous and innate understanding and peace about the exchange. All I have ever felt when, the group who we now refer to as Mary, comes through is pure, beautiful, radiant love.  


Once they sat me up, they were off and running, moving about the room on my feet, my knees and even rolling my body around the floor. Once the movement of my body was figured out they began to speak with us offering expansive wisdom, grand insight and constantly birthing joy for the human experience. And, they haven’t stopped since. They come whenever we ask and sometimes nudge us to let them share something inspiring, affirming or enlightening when we don’t. It has been the most magical and transforming journey I can imagine having.  


Living Mary’s Wisdoms and bringing them to the world has intrinsically ignited life for us. Internally and externally. Each time I shift a thought or belief and feel my life open or I receive a story from another who has felt their complete transformation of something that had previously painfully stagnated their lives, I feel as though, if that were the only outcome from all of this, it would be enough. Yet, there are hundreds of these moments, these stories, these transformations that have come to us resulting from conversations and guidance provided by Mary. We are so grateful and so excited to share them with you.