You may question everything or you may ask lots of questions. The first brings you nothing, the later brings you everything
Who is The Mary Group


The Mary Group is a group of Ancient Beings in Spirit form, who have been speaking through channel, Jacque Nelson, for the past 15 years, profoundly opening thousands of lives into peace and true possibility through sharing their insight and inspiring teachings about life, creating and true free, from “the loft view”. 


Ongoing feedback and testimonials offer tremendous gratitude for assistance with transformed lives in the arenas of:


~Renewed and inspired sense of passion for self and life

~Transcendence of old limiting practices and behaviors

~Unprecedented emotional and mental clarity

~Deep understanding of the weaving and the flow of creating

~Freedom and precision in creating a life desired

~Completely loving the self - Breathing and living from the inside out

~Living an empowered life

Why do Mary's Teachings Work


Whether in a group dynamic or individual session, Mary tunes into what is occurring within each individual and brings you home to yourself in a way that blows you open to your whole magnificent self. They help you to recognize the power of your personal paradigms of belief and self informing and show you how shifting and opening your perspectives can completely change your life and what and how you create in it. They offer countless applicable practices that bring you out of the ways of living in separation and into living in Union, inside and out. They assist you with opening to and understanding the difference between real and reality and invite you to rise into your true self, infinite and free, breathing your own breath and creating your own way with ease and connection. Mary’s message awakens your self awareness and empowers you to partner with yourself and the universe to dramatically change your life and bring it into alignment with your truest desires. Mary’s teachings work because they offer the remembering and experiencing of partnering empowered by you with yourself in the ownership of your own life with an infinitely expanded idea of your possibility and how to create it from the inside out.  


You are in the Lead of Your Own Empowerment


Mary is here to assist us all in shifting from a long practice of living in separation to returning, or as they would say, moving forward once again into living in Union. Union being our original, limitless and natural state of existence as humans. They are here to assist us in waking up into our own remembering of our whole selves individually and as the oneness. Their message reminds us of how “multitaneous” and connected we each are and how that is key to consciously creating our own reality through what is real. Not necessarily what we are taught is real, and instead, the edgelessness of what is actually real. 

Mary’s Teachings Span a Wide Range of Topics


Personal Transformation 

Transcendence of Fear and Limitation

Breathing Your Own Breath

The Weaving/the Matrix of Creating

Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

Shifting from Separation into Union

Mutual Relationing

Earth Changes

Enjoy a sneak peak into the teachings of Mary.  
Here, Mary speaks of "I Am A Life".