"Make it smooth sailing today.  Want to know how. Just simply decide. Remember, it is not about how life shows up for you, it is about how you show up for life. Choose ease and satisfaction."  ~Mary

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Below are some samples of Morning Messages from Mary



"We invite you to consider this truth. Where there is the remembering and the practice of being Union...of experiencing the Oneness, there can be no "sides", no "division", no "against". What there can be, is "differences", "curiosity", "discussion", "choosing"...  "edgeless, endless possibility, exploration and expansive creating"... "Loving that is of original loving and not driven by fearfulness in self or of others"... We encourage you to always seek to understand through exploring many differing ideas and choose your way from what you do agree with, instead of against what you don't agree with. When you truly listen without a predetermined thought about a thing, you can hear with your heart, your soul  and your free mind. Your true self. This truth applies to all things internal and external, big and small alike," ~Mary



"Be loud about what you dream of, wish for, believe in. On the inside. Let it roar. Then yourself to it. Again, on the inside. Remember, it is never really about the outside detail. It is about the spaces inside of you that you want to know more. Giving yourself to these spaces inside of you will draw to you their matches from the outside of you.  Ahhhh, kismet,"  ~Mary



"Even in it's "bleakest" moments, life force flows. It may "feel" like a tiny trickle, and yet, it is still flowing. Isn't that amazing? The sheer determination of your life to move with and through you. Always, constant, relentless, every moment... dedicated completely to you. And clever. Oh, so clever. Just when you think the dribble is not enough to sustain you, that dribble penetrates something in you, and a new opening appears and expanse comes in and with time and decision, the "feeling" of the full on rushing stream of your returns. Bravo!"  ~Mary