If you could sit on the couch with Spirit, what would you ask?

Spend an hour in private conversation with Mary, either over the phone, in person or on Skype. Or, saturate yourself in the loving energy of Mary as they move with you to stimulate your full ‘“vibrational integration” through a hands on experience with your physical body.  

There are two ways to move with The Mary's individually, in conversation or through energy work. Each format is an hour in length and we do offer a complimentary CD recording of the exchange. 

A Conversation


Through this experience you are offered an opportunity to talk directly with Spirit. This is “a conversation” that invites you to uniquely and edgelessly discuss anything you would like to explore, deepening your understanding of yourself, your life and all of life. Mary meets each person with honor, sensitivity, love and often, a good dose of humor. 


These sessions can be done via Skype, phone or when available, in person. 

“Talking with Mary is like talking with a therapist on steroids. In just a few conversations, I have cut through more of my former blocks and confusions and come into more clarity of myself and my desired direction for my life, and gained tools and insights on how to create and obtain my vision for my life, than I did in years of therapy.”  AB

Vibration Integration Energy Work Session


We offer energy work sessions designed to rock your senses, stir your vibration and release any stagnate energy that needs to go. A session begins with having Donald stir you through playing the didgeridoo directly over you from head to toe inviting all of your cells and particles to dance and move and completely release to relaxation. Then Mary dives into you - blending their energy with yours, expertly working with all of the layers of your being to offer elation, release and transformation wherever it is needed. This is followed by Mary guiding Donald in a didging of the spine to bring forth all of the healing energies of the spinal fluid leaving you without a nook or cranny untouched by the loving transforming power of you in Union with yourself and spirit. 


These sessions are done in person when available or through distance “healing” via the phone with Mary verbally walking you through all that is occurring in the exchange.  

“I feel as though the healing power of several powerful ancient energy work practices were just drawn from their source of origin and moved through me in complete communion of my being.”  KB