YOU have something to offer that nobody else does   

True your self expression.   


This Series will bring out and open wide, YOUR Voice whole in your own throat, whole in your own vibration, whole in your own expression. Your voice in recognition of who you are as an individual of the Oneness and quench the craving for the vibration of the true nutrient you are, untangled from modification and interruption.  


Whether you are a woman or somebody who loves them and are choosing to be of the wave that reopens the true Voice of women individually and as a whole into a timing in the world that is built for it to come alive, this Series will call you home fully to your part in it all. In YOUR own Voice.


This Series is comprised of Three Components: 

- Six Teaching Modules via LIVE Videoconference with The Marys

- Full Transcripts of each Module    

- 30 Minute Private Course Consultation Call with The Marys    

The Format of this Series will be: 

Monday Morning with The Marys coming to you LIVE through Zoom Videoconference at 8:00 am (central) to deliver powerful, life transforming teachings, guidance and insight. 

Detailed Transcript of each module will be provided to each participant to review, highlight and help solidify the material in your mind.  


You will receive downloadable Video/Audio Replays of the LIVE modules so you can attend at your own convenience and/or reference for any details you may have missed during the LIVE event. 


30 Minute Private Course Consultation Call with The Marys to personally discuss the teachings and insights shared in the Series. Can be used during and up to 30 days post Series.  

Module Schedule:  

Monday Mornings: Videoconference Modules with The Marys LIVE  

8:00 am to 9:00 am central  

March 2nd - April 20

(There will not be sessions on March 30 or April 6)  

*You can also listen by Replay at your own convenience

Girl - Clear Your Throat


    Copyright 2015 The Mary Group

    "Come linger with me, said Spirit, and together we will explore your heart, your mind and your soul as we weave your dreams into creation."   ~Mary

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