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"Come linger with me, said Spirit, and together we will explore your heart, your mind and your soul as we weave your dreams into creation."   ~Mary

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SD Rehab - 1801 N. Belle Plaine Ave - Chicago, IL

Friday, July 26, 2019



This is an open question and answer evening. There is no limit to what you can explore directly with these profoundly loving, deeply compassionate, and edgelessly wise Nonphysical Guides/Teachers, "The Marys", who express themselves through Jacque Nelson and partner with you to open the great clarity and profound abilities as creator that already exist within you to cause the life you came to live into full expression.   


Please join usBring your questions! Bring friends! 


About your life

About life in general

About our current and future existence as a whole

About creating

About how it all works... 


All avenues of curiosity and interests are welcome!    


Be amazed at how the inquires of others in the gathering and the ensuing conversation that follows become wonderfully enriching and catalyzing for you also.


An enchanting evening of love, light and insights awaits you as Jacque Nelson continues her 19 years of sharing the gift of interactive communications offered by this group of blessed beings in nonphysical form which we refer to as The Mary Group. The perspectives they share can be as warm and inspiring as they are enlightening and empowering and they are always shared to assist us in our journeys. 


To experience The Mary Group is to experience what it is to be truly connected, encouraged with love to live an edgeless existence free of fear, cleared of confusions and tangles as they help us welcome our first breath back from separation into union. The Mary's loving engagement with every layer of who we are and the teachings, insights and personal guidance they share from universal source energy create interactions that are exhilarating voyages into the heart, mind and soul and perpetual catalysts for attendees to fulfill their endless possibilities.


Whether coming to witness the beauty and ease of talking with such beings like your closest friends or to ask a question that has forever eluded you, this experience holds gifts for all who choose to share this gift with themselves and all others who attend.

The Mary Group Live! in Chicago, IL