• Jacque Nelson

Opening the Conversation...

Here we are, ready to launch our redesigned website, created in collaboration with the beautiful and talented Renee Scheer. This will be our third design in the fifteen years plus of celebrating our connection with The Marys. Having this launch come on the heals of November, “the month of gratitude”, feels perfectly in sync with the way we feel about this incredible gift of our relationship with them. Don and I are each and together so very grateful for this work and all of the soul, heart and mind enriching friends and experiences it has and continues to bring into our lives.

I am fortunate to be given the opportunity to move with The Marys through the diverse and edgeless terrain of the internal human, living and creating in the internal and external worlds, every day of my life. In doing this, I have had countless encounters with others and with the movement and awarenesses that The Marys wakes in them, in me and in turn, in the world. My life is so completely enriched by the wisdom that is shared in these exchanges. I am excited that this Blog will be a format for me to share some of that gleened wisdom with all of you.

I look forward to meeting with you here and look forward to the mutual rising of one another UP.

All Love,


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