Over the years, we have received so many loving comments from clients about Mary and how their experiences with Mary have helped each individual change the way they choose to live each day. These are just some of the kind words we have received over time.

My experience with Mary is ongoing and continues to be extraordinary and experientially life changing. There is no greater gift than the wisdom and understanding that comes from within the self. I could not have arrived at this place of self acceptance, and understanding without Mary's extraordinary teachings. They are  the perfect  blend of blessings, wisdom , truth, miracles and Love. Their teachings are a GIFT to the world and my life is changed, and is becoming more as a result of my experience with them. They are the true teachers I've been searching for:... And they would say,"I AM", the true teacher I've been searching for.... I will never tire of learning from this precious and profoundly perfect and exquisite group of energy beings."  VB

The personal growth, transformative insights and deep sense of connection I have experienced over these past few years are impossible to imagine without my private conversations with Mary. It is like having the insights of a therapist, the power of an energy healer and the unconditionally loving support of a spiritual teacher (master) all rolled into one. My questions, whether profound or incredibly mundane, are always met with their playful yet powerful invitation to tell myself the truth about a situation. I leave our conversations with a greater sense of clarity, perspective, inspiration and trust in myself and in life. It really doesn't get any better than that!  KB

Mary is a healer, guide, and sage who has enabled me to love and live more freely and fully than I thought possible. She has truly tapped into and more importantly helped me tap into my essential self and deepest knowing so that I can show up authentically in all aspects of my life. Whether it's helping me navigate a challenging divorce or launching a career as a successful filmmaker or figuring out why I am here, Mary operationalizes her spiritual wisdom in such a personal meaningful way so that every experience is not just about surviving-- it's all about thriving.  AK

"I speak with Mary when I need help to untangle knots, illuminate blind spots and enhance my perspective on life. But most of all, I speak with Mary to remember who I am and to know that all is well."  JD