"What I truly love about traveling with Mary, is how every time I find the strength to live edgelessly, conquer my fears no matter how large or small, live and breathe in each and every moment, and leave with the feeling of pure joy that lasts long into my everyday life. The teachings are priceless and the friendships gained are for life." -RS

Don and Jacque plan special "adventures" with Mary. Each trip is planned with a specific goal in mind. These adventures are widly popular for many reasons such as the teachings of Mary, the community of friendships that are made, and the exotic locations. Overwhelmingly, guests come back with a feeling of euphoria and enlightenment.    

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Here's what people are saying about their travels with the Mary Group

Magical, mystical, magnificent…sunrise at Angkor Wat with the Mary Group was transcendent, connecting me with spirit more deeply than I had ever experienced before…or since.  The transformation of my life continues to unfold. LL

"Traveling with the Marys sheds a whole new light on the world around us. It's always full of laughter, learning, and adventure. Every trip I've taken with them has been delightful and opened up myriad new possibilities! Think Sea Grass! "  -KH

"Mystical, magical, marvelous!  A trip with Don, Jacque and the Mary's is such a unique experience it's difficult to put into words. Weaving the wisdom, love and humor The Mary's bring into a beautifully created itinerary adds a layer of richness to the experience that would not be there on a regular "guided tour". I am forever grateful for the insights and experiences I've received as a result."  -CM 

"I travelled with Don and Jacque and The Mary's to Siem Reap, Cambodia and Phukat, Thailand. It was a wonderful way to see these places. Don and Jacque are wonderfully warm and fun and The Mary's gave insights to both the inner me as well as to the mystical context of the trip. I'd go again in a heartbeat."  - BW

"The Mary Group travel events are outstanding! Don and Jacque are as kind and aware as can be, the interactions with them and the group are always warm, friendly and genuine, they consistently achieve a perfect balance of optimal locations to travel to, beautiful people who share in them, daily planned interactions with The Mary Group and occasional impromptu experiences with The Mary's that make especially special days ever more special. Each Mary Group travel event is life affirming, life changing and will remain a loving memory throughout the remainder of each participants life journey."  -ES

"It’s been well over a decade that I have been “traveling” with Mary. Our travels together through our inner selves have been vastly rewarding and significant in my experiences of this lifetime. Our outer travels have been just as life changing. Whether we were together in a pub on a cruise ship in Alaska, walking through a rain forest in Costa Rica teaming with life and energy or sharing space as the sun rose so brilliantly over Angkor Wat, I have been moved more deeply by those moments because of my connection with Mary and because I shared those moments with the most amazing companions one could ever ask for. Joy weaving with curiousing weaving with discovering weaving with breath weaving with possibility weaving with edgelessness. You may have a challenge finding that on any other tour brochure. I have so much gratitude for Jacque and Don for partnering with all of us in exploring our inner and outer travels in union with Mary."  -DM

"Whether snorkeling, hiking, exploring Mayan temples in Belize or being immersed in Cambodian culture through visits to ancient sites and modern villages, cooking classes, theater and so much more or cruising through the gorgeous and majestic inner passage of Alaska -- including lots of Mary time -- travel with Jacque and Don and the Mary Group is MAGICAL, effortless, heart-opening, life-expanding and truly dreamy. The people they attract, the places that they choose to travel, the accommodations and itineraries that they organize are fantastic and singular. I can't imagine that I'll ever miss a trip they organize. More, please!"  -KA