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"Talking with Mary is the experience of sitting down and having an intimate conversation with my soul."  JD

For over 15 years Jacque Nelson has provided clarity to information seekers, successfully helping people identify answers to the most profound questions in their lives through her connection with a group of spirit guides who call themselves “Mary.”  


Jacque offers the experience for individuals to communicate directly with the spirit world through “The Mary Group.” The channeling experience allows people an opportunity to deepen their understanding of themselves, and of Life.

The Mary Group has shared their wisdom and insights with thousands of people from all walks of life.  


Guidance is offered with honor, sensitivity, humor and love. The communication environment is one without judgment, and without limitations.


The potential for spiritual and emotional growth and healing is as expansive as the level of willingness of each individual in search of greater understanding.

The Mary Group has helped so many in their search for self discovery and in opening to the limitless potential of creating the life they truly desire.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:



"The Mary Group are my most trusted, truthful and wise partners in this life journey. Over and over again, they lovingly help me to find myself when I feel lost, to discover clarity, to unlock the mysteries of life, and to appreciate who I am. Whether I am needing support through a transition, wanting to understand relationships, trying to make sense of the world, or asking to see myself more clearly, I know that the Mary's are always with me, cheering me on with real truth and encouragement..."RD 


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"I speak with the Mary group when I need a nudge, when I can feel transformation around the corner and I need help to get there. The help they offer is pure love and an unfettered view of the bigger picture."  JD