"It is our great honor to be here to exchange ourselves with you at this time. We offer you great welcome to the unfolding and created moments of your life."   ~Mary
Below Are A Few Of Mary's Profound, Life Altering Teachings

"I don’t know" isn’t the truth if you are referring to something about yourself – live beyond hiding behind it."  ~Mary


"The most powerful thing you can do is tell yourself the truth and then offer only truth to a room. Not your opinion, your perception or your judgment – only the purity of truth."  ~Mary


"If it is going on in your external world, it is going on in your internal world. Change the inside, and the outside will follow. Dare to live from the inside out."  ~Mary


"How are you choosing to show up in the world – in each moment? Every person was "created equal". You all came in with the same set of aspects. It is up to you which ones you use, how you use them, and with what frequency that you use them that creates your experience in your world. Become a skilled director of your aspects."  ~Mary

Mary tells us to "give value to the questions of the soul, the questions of the mind and the questions of the heart. It is in these questions you find life force, expansion, understanding and more questions."  


Mary knows that we are all equal in nature, share a connection to the universe, and have access to the same aspects of self as we design our lives. The Mary Group’s process assists us in reaching our edgeless potential, and recognizing the fullness of who we really are.  


Continue to follow Mary and learn about how the practice of “living in the energy of the ‘origin of the agreement of caring’ instead of contracts” impacts your world and how to live a life free of excuses, explaining, defenses and blaming. Talk about Powerful Transformation! And so much more...

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