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Partner with the Consciousness of 2024

Continue to Partner with the Consciousness of 2024 as we lean into the newly shared energies of the second quarterPartner with the Consciousness of 2024Partner with the Consciousness of 2024

On New Year's Day, among other insights and teachings, The Marys offered an understanding of some of the vibrations of Consciousness that the year 2024 is bringing forth to support us in our endeavors. In January, we offered a three part Meditation series with The Marys leaning in to offer each of us an opportunity to attune to partnering with the vibrations of Renew, Reveal and Living Spirit Forward consciousness for powerfully creating our year ahead.

As we lean into the second quarter of 2024, The Marys are sharing more of the consciousness that this year is offering in partnership with us.

Now, we are leaning in to open the second quarter of 2024 with another Meditation series to weave us with additional energies that this year is making available for us to partner with.

Each evening will begin with The Marys offering in-depth insight into the differing areas for exploration - Release, Enliven, Activate your Soul - and then they will take you through a Meditation and Attunement to integrate your partnership.

We encourage you to make the most of this unique opportunity to delve deeply into your inner world and the boundless ability of the universe to partner with us, making this year a remarkable one that nourishes you throughout.

A 3-Part Meditation SeriesPartner with the Consciousness of 2024Partner with the Consciousness of 2024


Part 1 - April 23rd

Lean IN with The Mary Group as they move with you to open gateways into your breath filled, dynamic whole Release for Self, assisting you in shifting your vibration to be part of the release of humanity & our planet in 2024 - A year of reclaiming our truth and power in Union. Individually and together.


Part 2 - April 30th

Arrive opened in your Release and activate your senses as The Mary Group accompanies you to reach into and fully Enliven the beauty of your Soul in your everyday life.
Waken into the nectar of your true original vibration and live.

activate your soul

Part 3 - May 7th

Breathe your Soul open into all of your senses as you step into this amazing evening partnered with The Mary Group, as they move with the consciousness of 2024, to call you home to yourself and to the world.
Feel the voice of your soul, the original vibration of your love—and let the wonder of yourself emerge and stretch you into edgelessness.

About this Meditation SeriesPartner with the Consciousness of 2024Partner with the Consciousness of 2024

Tuesday Evenings - April 23rd, 30th & May 7th @ 7pm CST

*Three Live Meditations
*Attend Live or at your own convenience
*Lifetime access via download for your continued self-discovery whenever needed

Our aim is to ensure that this meditation is within reach for as many individuals as possible, recognizing that everyone's circumstances are distinct. If you have any particular concerns, please contact us at Additionally, it's important to be aware of the intent of this program. This course serves educational, not professional purposes. Privacy and data security are paramount, and equip yourself with the necessary technology. Review our refund and cancellation policies, adhere to copyright and conduct standards, and acknowledge that results may vary.
Your engagement and understanding of this information is key to a rewarding experience.

what is an attunement?

An attunement is a way of making a map in your consciousness. The attunement forms the pathways required to feel, see, hear, or otherwise perceive and create desired directions. In doing so, it creates energetic pathways that help to channel or connect with parts of your consciousness and the dimensions that are accessed through those pathways.

The Marys guide this attunement process with absolute precision while respecting the importance of allowing each individual to discover their own spiritual destiny. This means that The Marys create a neutral map within the consciousness and allow the choice of direction and opening to remain with the individual. It is the freedom to choose and to master your own spiritual destiny that is ultimately destiny.





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