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Human Well of Wisdom

Within every human is a profound, deep & edgeless Well of Wisdom - a knowing that holds all awareness. Awareness of the truth of humanity & the way of the world in Union. Within the Divine Feminine is a key to opening this truth. The Mary Group

Kathy Bresler, in partnership with
Jacque Nelson & The Mary Group

invite you in to join them for 'The Human Well of Wisdom,' a virtual half-day immersion where we gather in sacred circle to empower the profound depths of our inner & collective wisdom.

Grounded in skilled profound guidance and various engaging activities, we will share our stories, experiences, wisdom, and prepare for the transformative journey ahead. Through guided discussions & introspective invitations, we'll harness the power of collective wisdom, unearth ancient truths, and cultivate a profound understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

This immersive experience stands alone and is also a pre-requisite for on on-going bi-monthly virtual circle starting February 7th, 2024.

January 21st, 2024
12p - 4p
Via Zoom

As a long-time student of The Marys, I've found their teachings profoundly transformative. Their wisdom serves as an inner catalyst, unlocking what we already know to be true & real within ourselves. Collaborating with Jacque & TMG to share this joy & wisdom is a deep honor, expanding the journey of self-discovery & transformation we've experienced together. The Marys have played a crucial role in my own growth & ALTAR's evolution, making this work an endeavor I'm truly passionate about. K. Bresler

Kathy is a dear friend and a remarkable visionary. As an inspired believer in the human spirit and an impeccable creator of ALTAR, a phenomenal space for women to gather and grow, she has consistently captured my admiration. Her dedication to delving into the souls of women and revealing profound truths through an uncanny ability to share words and images from her seemingly boundless repertoire of quotes, books, and teachings is awe-inspiring. Collaborating with her is an honor, as I have witnessed how her vision and expertise have enriched the lives of many, including my own. J. Nelson

The Human Well of Wisdom immersive experience will include:

1. Teachings shared by The Mary Group to bring forward mastery of their 24 years of eternal truth. These spiritual companions share ancient truths, wisdoms, and observation while working with your magnetic grid.

2. Storytelling & Sharing weaves the tapestry of our human collective. Communion together to share your own stories & experiences, fostering connection, catalyzing inspiration, and empathy within the group.

3. Attunement is essential to exploring consciousness, shifting into truth, and inventing our future.

4. Introspective Exercises designed for reflection, awareness & insight.

5. Guided Discussions related to wisdom; accessing the human well, and personal & collective growth.

6. Sacred Circle Gathering facilitated to open meaningful discussion - consciously known & unknown.

7. Empowerment Exercises aimed at empowering you to embrace inner wisdom & cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself & the world.


Our aim is to ensure that this immersion/workshop is within reach for as many individuals as possible, recognizing that everyone's circumstances are distinct. If you have any particular pricing concerns or requests, please contact us at We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Additionally, it's important to be aware of the intent of this program. This course serves educational, not professional purposes. For physical activities, your safety is your responsibility. Privacy and data security are paramount, and you should be equipped with the necessary technology. Review our refund and cancellation policies, adhere to copyright and conduct standards, and acknowledge that results may vary.

Your engagement and understanding of this information is key to a rewarding experience.

what is an attunement?

An attunement is a way of making a map in your consciousness. The attunement forms the pathways required to feel, see, hear, or otherwise perceive and create desired directions. In doing so, it creates energetic pathways that help to channel or connect with parts of your consciousness and the dimensions that are accessed through those pathways.

The Marys guide this attunement process with absolute precision while respecting the importance of allowing each individual to discover their own spiritual destiny. This means that The Marys create a neutral map within the consciousness and allow the choice of direction and opening to remain with the individual. It is the freedom to choose and to master your own spiritual destiny that is ultimately destiny.

One Heart.  One World.  One Rhythm.

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