Delve deeper into your inner world & continue the rhythm of moving with The Marys

while Don & Jacque are away The Marys will play.

In the endeavor to power your generator, The Mary Group invites you to explore a series of downloadable, virtual guided meditations. Each meditation, thoughtfully crafted for a 20-minute immersive experience, delivered directly to your inbox at 7pm Mondays October 23rd, 30th & November 6th.

We encourage you to make the most of this unique opportunity to delve deeper into your inner world and realize your ability to generate what nourishes you.

Oct 23

Breathe Yourself Wholly Into Your Authentic Original Story

Journey inward & breathe yourself open. Let your mind easefully wander as The Marys guide you to tap into the boundless wellspring of your true self, fostering a deeper connection with your inner being & the world around you.

Oct 30

Bathe in the Light of Your Soul

Immerse yourself in the brilliance within, as The Marys guide you on a profound exploration of your inner radiance. Let the light of your soul illuminate your path, birthing clarity & awareness.

nov 6

Become the Natural Generator of Your Will for You

Unleash your innate power & embrace your unique path as The Marys partner with you to cultivate a deep connection with your inner drive. Discover the strength within, empowering you to invent your true desires & future.

On each Monday, October 23rd, 30th & November 6th, receive a personalized invitation to join The Mary Group at 7pm cst. From there The Marys will meet you in the field and gently guide you in meditation.

*Three Meditations delivered via email (60-minutes total)
*Lifetime access via download for your continued self-discovery whenever you need it
*Exclusive limited time release - only available through this series

$69 with code POWER-ON
*through 10.18

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Our aim is to ensure that this meditation is within reach for as many individuals as possible, recognizing that everyone's circumstances are distinct. If you have any particular concerns, please contact us at info@themarygroup.com. Additionally, it's important to be aware of the intent of this program. This course serves educational, not professional purposes. Privacy and data security are paramount, and equip yourself with the necessary technology. Review our refund and cancellation policies, adhere to copyright and conduct standards, and acknowledge that results may vary.
Your engagement and understanding of this information is key to a rewarding experience.

what is an attunement?

An attunement is a way of making a map in your consciousness. The attunement forms the pathways required to feel, see, hear, or otherwise perceive and create desired directions. In doing so, it creates energetic pathways that help to channel or connect with parts of your consciousness and the dimensions that are accessed through those pathways.

The Marys guide this attunement process with absolute precision while respecting the importance of allowing each individual to discover their own spiritual destiny. This means that The Marys create a neutral map within the consciousness and allow the choice of direction and opening to remain with the individual. It is the freedom to choose and to master your own spiritual destiny that is ultimately destiny.

One Heart.  One World.  One Rhythm.





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Grounded Conversations


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