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Grounded Conversations

Grounded Conversations


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You and The Mary Group, edgelessly exploring, deepening your understanding of you, your life, and all of life



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grounded conversations

moving into mastery

A monthly deep dive into one of The Marys' teachings, allowing us to embody its essence and move with mastery.

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Relief is that welcomed sense we feel when that which distracts us from our authentically loving, true and whole selves - individually and together - is alleviated and replaced with deeply known well-being right there within. Relief.

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With curiosity, everything can exist. Conversation, with true exchange, engages your presence, listening, openness, and open heart. Conversation.

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Being in Community is about momentum. Community interaction births countless possibilities of idea, it opens brilliances of new ways - right there, inside of you. Community.

GROUNDED CONVERSATIONS™ is an ongoing, transformational, 12-conversation journey, with a very clear goal: to be who we truly are. Here, you’ll activate your Voice within & journey from depletion to renewal, stressed to eased, and tethered to relieved. Join GROUNDED CONVERSATIONS™ at any time.

Your movement in the world, which must first start with your own heart, soul, mind, & spirit, brings forth love, compassion, belonging, and abundance.

To thrive and live your life as you dream it is the rule not the exception. You are the creator of your life. A key ingredient to mastering your life creation is to know it is never about the detail, what is moving in the world around you, or even within you. It is about how you respond to what is occurring and where, in you; you source yourself from in your responses. In doing so, you can arrive and participate in every moment with your true human capacity.

In union, as you own your power, your energy - your confidence grows. Your Will for you (your Spirit), your love, your capacity, and your creative potential becomes edgeless. You begin to know your equal value and are relieved of living through requirement and instead breathe your own breath fluidly in the energy of honoring and mutual exchange.

You belong here. Right now. You came here to live in union as a universal citizen.

Remember who you truly are. Remember who Humanity truly is in the absence of inhumanity.
Union is the knowing and practice, being of the Oneness. Expressing yourself and ecstatically recognizing all others as equal & divine value.

Love that is of loving.

Source energy.

In union, you already know. Feel it. Be You.

How do I know if Grounded Conversations is for me?


°  You can easily identify areas in your life that you want to feel more joy in

°  You recognize areas in your life that you want to feel more grounded and clear about

°  You want to actively participate in a community that learns, grows, listens, discusses, and leans into loving themselves & the world

°  You believe awareness is the greatest agent for change while blame, shame, and judgement tether you to old and existing patterns

°  You want to engage with experiences that enhance your own inner wisdom & knowing

°  You want to learn the tools that cause joy in your life and journey from depletion to renewal, stressed to eased, stuck to relief, and help others do the same

°  You desire conversation held in a sacred space where you are safe to be curious, explore, and hold conversation grounded in love


° You are not drawn to relief, conversation or community

° You don’t have a desire to offer yourself time & space to attend these conversations LIVE via zoom or listen to the replays on your own schedule

° You’re not ready for substantial personal growth or interested in deepening and feeling lifted from conversations packed with powerful offerings for introspection, awareness & community engagement

With Love, The Mary Group (TMG)

• LIVE GROUNDED CONVERSATION™ Q&A with The Marys & EACH OTHER every month for an entire year

• Relief Meditation to release insecurity & anxiousness so you feel more confident in your internal and external worlds

• Proven techniques to create healthy pathways such as No Trespassing™ to be in your true vibration

• Gentle methods to ease anxiety & develop deeper levels of trust, grace, and compassion for yourself

A Glimpse of What's Ahead:

The Loft View

Soar to new heights of perception and perspective.

Be The Flow

Navigate life's currents with grounded grace.

Thriving Is The Rule

Explore the truth that thriving is our natural state.

Vibration First

Delve into the energetic foundation of existence.

True Curiosity

Embrace continuous curiosity for a life of exploration.

Love that is of Loving

Explore the transformative power of original love.

Arc of Union

Partner Heart, Soul, Mind, and Spirit for union.

Match not a Match

Sharpen discernment to align with authenticity.

False Fear Neighborhood

Uncover illusions of fear and find your true home.

Breathe Your Own Breath

Sharpen discernment to align with authenticity.

How it works:


Enrollment is now open! Come join the monthly hour-long community conversation via zoom. Each conversation builds on the previous and offers fluidity & openness for what is moving within you and the world. The following 12 months, we will meet the second Thursday each month to continue our conversations.


Our call to gather is at an all-time high right when stress, uncertainty, and a need to breathe & stabilize is too. Along with our 12 GROUNDED CONVERSATIONS™, we will offer a downloadable 20-minute meditation, and short practices to assist you in your daily life.


Join the soft, warm, wise, and humorous place to land Facebook group where you are welcome to drop in anytime to receive Mary's nourishment and engage with people who are in agreement to share more love and connection in the world.