Living Your Voice Within

8-Module Live Course
July 18 - September 12

Tell me, rising one:
Are you ready to experience the extraordinary potential within you, unleash your power, and embrace a life of boundless possibilities?

Us too! Get ready for a transformative journey like no other as we embark on an extraordinary exploration led by "The Director". Brace yourself for in-depth, profound teachings, powerful tools, and weekly practices that will propel you towards living the most authentic, vibrant, and fulfilled version of yourself. In this course, we will shatter the chains of former limiting practices and dissolve the confusions that once stifled your voice. Prepare to rise with unwavering determination and embrace your role as a clear & confident chooser and creator of your own life.

Together, we will dive deep into the core of your being, connecting with the resounding sound of your essence. You will naturally embody the truest expression of who you are. No longer burdened by the weight on your throat, you will confidently & effortlessly navigate the world, leaving an indelible mark wherever you go.

Do any of these resonate with you?

You wish to know & experience the depths of your being.
You crave to feel more confident, happy & satisfied within.
You desire to bid farewell to the cacophony of noise that surrounds you, liberating yourself from its grasp.
Something within you knows it's time to reclaim your true voice, a voice that reverberates with authenticity, power & clarity.
You need to experience yourself - wholly & fully.
You recognize a critical shift in your life and are determined to break through, know it, and LIVE IT.
Having agency of the voices within means that you have the soul ability to determine & make choices about where the direction of the conversation with various thoughts, emotions, desires, and beliefs that arise within you. You can choose to listen, acknowledge, and act upon these inner voices in a way that aligns with your values and goals, rather than being controlled or overwhelmed by them.

We heard you!  
We are excited to share that we have listened to your enthusiastic requests to dive deeper with you.

Join us on an incredible journey of self-discovery, guided by "The Director", who will be taking the lecture seat for this transformative series.

Whether you're a returning participant or joining us for the first time, all are welcome. If you missed the first go-round, we've got you covered!  We will provide you with a comprehensive synopsis of the first 8-Module teachings, ensuring you have a solid foundation to dive into the profound wisdom and practices that lie ahead. You won't miss a beat as we explore the depths of your true voice and unleash its power.

Prepare to delve deep into the essence of your authentic voice, as our Director provides in-depth insights, practical tools, and a supportive community. Embrace the opportunity to connect, grow, and amplify your voice within a harmonious symphony of self-expression.

For those that may not be familiar, let us introduce you to "The Director".
The Director, one of nine in The Mary Group, innately holds the ability to inspire & motivate, providing clear direction & guidance to navigate towards your personal goals, and aspirations within yourself & in the world. Partnering with you - with a strong & decisive presence, leading with confidence, and inspiring you to step into your own power & capabilities. The Director leans in with you in your knowing and living your truest Self.

The Director encourages you to tap into your innate leadership, trust your intuition, and take charge of your own life with confidence & command.  Wholly embodied sounding your own voice.

The Voice Within created a safe space and opening to hear my own voice with clarity amidst noise of the world. The Marys teachings emphasize the power of choice, it's imperative for me to choose from my own voice. However, it becomes challenging to distinguish my voice from the surrounding noise. Thankfully, this series has equipped me with tangible tools and wisdom to nurture a stronger connection with my voice. As a result, when faced with challenges, my genuine and confident voice is readily available for meaningful conversation and creative endeavors. The best part is that I don't have to go through this journey alone! The community of magnificent beings who participate in this series are pure of heart. One of the most nourishing aspects of having a voice is the ability to share and listen. I am so excited for The Voice Within 2.0!
The Voice Within series sparked another level of awareness for me. We were offered a framework of tools that introduced a new way to design our aim in life. When I'm using these tools, they illuminate the silhouette of my choices in a way that I can see clear details, results, and patterns. For me, the significance of this series offered ideas for creating simple visual aids that identify inner match-points and misalignment. My way of using the tools has been to create sacred reflective moments, to take time to realize my wholeness, and to clarify where I'm well-aligned with myself and where I want to go. I'm all in for the 2.0 series!
The Director has supported me to find all the aspects of my voice. I now feel confident that none of me will be left behind or lost. What an incredible gift.

series details

The Promise of
The Voice Within


Gather holds deep spiritual significance as it symbolizes the power of coming together as a collective in pursuit of a shared purpose. It represents unity, connection, and the recognition of our interconnectedness as spiritual beings. Gathering is important as it creates a sacred space where individuals can share wisdom, support one another, and amplify their intentions and energies. It serves as a reminder that we are not alone on our spiritual journey and that through gathering, we can find solace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging as we navigate our path towards growth and enlightenment.


Synergize embodies the principle of harmonious collaboration, where the combined efforts of individuals create a greater whole. It signifies the integration of diverse perspectives, talents, and energies to achieve collective goals. Synergizing is important as it fosters innovation, cooperation, and the unleashing of untapped potentials. Through synergistic interactions, we tap into the power of collaboration, transcending individual limitations and achieving outcomes that exceed what could be accomplished alone. It is a profound reminder of the inherent interconnectedness and interdependence of all beings, emphasizing the importance of working together in unity and harmony for the betterment of all.


Embody is an invitation to fully inhabit and express our authentic selves in mind, body, and spirit. It calls us to bring our awareness into the present moment, grounding ourselves in our physical being and connecting with the wisdom within. Embodying involves aligning our thoughts, emotions, and actions with our true essence, allowing our inner light to radiate and shine through every aspect of our lives. Through the practice of embodiment, we cultivate a deep sense of self-acceptance, self-expression, and integration, enabling us to live with greater authenticity, purpose, and wholeness.


Transform encapsulates the powerful process of profound and meaningful change, encompassing the journey of personal growth, evolution, and inner renewal. It signifies the deliberate and intentional shift from one state to another, often transcending limitations, breaking through barriers, and embracing new possibilities. Transformation is a catalyst for personal and spiritual expansion, encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones, confront our fears, and tap into our untapped potential. It is through the transformative process that we undergo profound shifts in consciousness, beliefs, and perspectives, leading to a more empowered, awakened, and authentic way of being in the world.


Join The Marys live as they lead you through 8 live modules, including four lectures and four explorative discussions, plus a follow-up worksheet to enhance your experience with the teachings.


In our private WhatsApp group, you'll have the chance to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, ask questions, and receive support from a community of like-minded individuals.


Downloadable transcripts for Live classes, and audio & video replays for you to revisit at your own pace.

The Course

8-week module series includes live lectures led by The Director, seamlessly blended with learner-led and spirit-guided experiences.
And, you’ll have lifetime access to the content through digital downloads, allowing you to participate and revisit the material at your own pace. This course is a journey that's both immersive & flexible.

The Voice Within 2.0 alternates weeks of live lectures (Modules 2.1, 2.3, 2.5, & 2.7) and explorative discussions (Modules 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, & 2.8). Immerse yourself in profound teachings from The Director during lecture weeks and deepen your understanding through illuminating group discussions during discussion weeks. Join us via Zoom at 7pm CST for transformative sessions (*excluding September 5th).

Module 2.1: July 18


In this liberating lecture, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, you will collapse limiting practices & confusions that once silenced your voice. Experience a profound shift as you gain clarity, build confidence, and acquire practical tools to express yourself authentically and boldly in all areas of your life.

Module 2.2: July 25

Explorative Discussion

In this illuminating discussion, we gather to share diverse perspectives, synergize collective wisdom, embody authentic connection, and facilitate profound personal transformation. Engage in open dialogue and active listening as we explore your experience with Module 2.1: Breakthrough, encouraging deep reflection and mutual understanding.  Come ready to share, listen, learn, and leave empowered with new insights to live your own voice.

Module 2.3: August 1


In this empowering lecture, you will gain insights and practical tools to navigate your life with intention and confidence. Discover the power of purposeful choices as you learn to align your actions with your values and aspirations. Experience a transformative shift as you keenly rise towards a clear and fulfilling direction that is uniquely your own, unlocking new levels of fulfillment & growth as the chooser and creator you are.

Module 2.4: August 8

Explorative Discussion

The Director engages us in open dialogue and active listening to explore your week with Module 2.3: Rise.  We encourage deep reflection and mutual understanding.  Come ready to share, listen, learn, and leave empowered with new insights to live your own voice.

Module 2.5: August 15

Harmonize Within

This lecture is designed to offer guided practices where you will learn to tune into the authentic sound of your essence, connect, silencing the external noise and distractions that hinder your growth.  Clarifying noise from sound within and around you and experience the liberation that comes from aligning with your true self and finding clarity amidst the chaos.

Module 2.6: August 22

Explorative Discussion

In this place & space, we gather to share our diverse perspectives, synergize collective wisdom, embody authentic connection, and facilitate profound personal transformation. Engage in open dialogue and active listening as we explore Module 2.5: Harmonize Within, encouraging deep reflection and mutual understanding.  Come ready to share, listen, learn, and leave empowered with new insights to live your own voice.

Module 2.7: August 29

Embodied Expression

In this lecture, you will learn to fully embody your authentic self, gaining the confidence to express who you are in the world with clarity, authenticity & your cleared throat. Through transformative practices and guidance, you will clear away any barriers and restrictions, allowing your true essence to shine through in all aspects of your life. Embrace the freedom of self-expression and experience a profound shift in how you show up and engage with the world around you.

Module 2.8: Sept 12

Explorative Discussion

We conclude the series with explorative discussion of your movement with Module 2.7: Embodied Expression, teachings encouraging deep reflection and mutual understanding.  Come ready to share, listen, learn, and leave empowered with new insights to live your own voice.


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